What’s in a name?

There is one part of a restoration that doesn’t require archive searches or pouring over vintage photographs.  What you choose to put on your transom is entirely up to you.  You can’t find the answer on your hull card or anywhere else–and that is exactly what makes it one of the most difficult choices to … Read more

1936 19′ Special Race Boat Water Test

Our complete restoration of a rare 1936 Chris-Craft 19′ Special Race Boat is complete. Photos of the water test as well as the complete restoration can be seen in our photo gallery. 51 of these amazing boats were orignally built in 1936 and 1937 and the number remaining today can quite literally be counted on … Read more

The Perfect Finish…

Our restoration of “Trudi”, a 1939 Chris-Craft 19′ barrel back is complete. Photos our water test as well as the entire restoration can be seen on our projects page.

1938 Century Sea Maid receives recognition at Bay Harbor

A 1938 Century Sea Maid which was in the shop for some varnish maintenance over the winter received an award of excellence at the Bay Harbor Concours d’Elegance this past weekend. This boat was restored over 12 years ago and is still winning ribbons. The show was filled with stunning cars and boats including two … Read more

1929 Hacker Craft Video

Kirk was recently out in Lake Placid, NY servicing some boats when he recorded this video of a 1929 26′ Hacker Craft that he restored nearly a decade ago while working for MBBW. She still looks and runs great!

Finishing touch

We recently had a visit from our sign painter for gold leaf lettering on both the 1936 19′ Chris-Craft special race boat and the 1939 Chris-Craft barrel back. The photos of the gold leaf work have been added to the appropriate pages in the current projects section of our website. The Chris-Craft script and transom … Read more

Busy Spring

We’ve had a busy spring at The Wooden Runabout Co. Many of the projects highlighted in the entries below have progressed through various stages of their restorations. The 19′ Chris-Craft barrel back with hull number 48513 is awaiting the final couple coats of varnish along with engine installation and gold leaf before she hits the … Read more

New Bottom for 24′ Chris-Craft Holiday

We are in the process of installing a new bottom on a 1954 24′ Chris-Craft Holiday in our shop. There are many photos detailing the process and progress in the current projects section of our website.

1939 Chris-Craft 19′ Custom Barrelback

We’ve updated the current projects section of the website with a new project. We have a 1939 Chris-Craft 19′ Custom, also known as a 19′ barrelback, in the shop for a show-quality restoration. We will be installing a new transom as well as doing the shaping, sanding, staining, and finish work. In addition we will … Read more