Video Footage–1936 Chris-Craft 19′ Special Race Boat

We shot some video footage during the final water test of the 19′ Chris-Craft special race boat that just underwent a complete restoration at our shop. This rare boat is one of only 51 built, of which 6 are still known to exist. It is powered by a Lycoming UHES that red-lines at 5,000 rpm. The very first boat built to this design made its debut at the 1935 President’s Cup regatta in Washington D.C. In November of 1935, Power Boating magazine provided this description:

“The first runabout event of the day, for class I runabouts (boats powered with engines of under 825 cubic inches) was featured by the initial appearance of Jay-Dee III, a new sport type 19-foot Chris-Craft, powered with a six-cylinder 225 class Lycoming racing engine and owned by Jack Dunn of Miami. Racing against much larger and more powerful craft the beautiful little…Chris Craft made a runaway race of it and finished far in the lead with the remarkable average speed of 45.023 miles per hour.”


2 thoughts on “Video Footage–1936 Chris-Craft 19′ Special Race Boat”

  1. As I watched this video I felt as though I was watching the Smith family water test their new racing runabout for 1936. What a rush to watch history come alive! The sight of watching this streamline hull glide across the water, and the sound of an authentic original Lycoming racing engine rumble, is awe inspiring to say the least. The video footage of one of the last few 1936 Chris-Craft Racing Runabouts in existance is an impressive first hand look at the beauty of owning a wooden boat, and the reward behind properly restoring these boats to their original refined elegance. I commend The Wooden Runabout Company for their dedication to preserving history through the restoration of these beautiful wooden boats.

  2. I have seen a lot of old Chris-Crafts over the years, and some pretty quick ones at that. This one is in a league of its own. Man, that old Lycoming sounds so good, and the running attitude of the hull is so flat. What a great boat. It’s good to see this one come back from the burn pile for sure.

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