24′ Chris-Craft Holiday Roll-over

We moved a new boat into the shop in the last few weeks, a 24′ Chris-Craft Holiday. The boat is coming to us for a no-soak 5200 bottom, minor frame repair, refastening, stripping, and refinishing of the hullsides, and new decking. When the hullsides are removed and refastened, they will be installed with 3M 5200 used as an adhesive bedding compound, this will help to stabilize the movement of the mahogany planks, resulting in a much stronger boat and longer life for the varnish finish. The photo below shows how easily we can roll over even fairly large runabouts such as this 24′ Holiday with our gantry crane.┬áSee more photos of the rollover and the entire project on our projects page.

Rollover 2

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