1954 Chris-Craft 24′ Holiday $69,995

Amazing Grace is a Chris-Craft 24’ HOLIDAY hull # H 24 038. This HOLIDAY was professionally restored by The Wooden Runabout Company. The exacting handcrafted detail of this restoration was a 2 year process, which created the finest restored HOLIDAY anywhere in the United States. The topside wood is 90% original with a newly double planked 5200 bottom, all frames checked with some replaced and all of them sealed, each hull plank was removed, sealed and reattached using new fasteners. New period-correct cloth wiring, and new extremely comfortable beautiful red and white upholstery were also installed. The original teak floors have been beautifully restored, and the original 158 hp engine was meticulously restored by C.D’s Engines of Hudsonville, Michigan. This boat seats 11-12 comfortably and is a great family boat for cruising on any lake including the Great Lakes of Michigan.  For more information or to schedule a viewing, contact Mike or Kirk at 616-396-7248 or email [email protected]

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By 1950 Chris-Craft had introduced its all new line of Riviera runabouts, and it was finally time for a new series of utilities. The all-new HOLIDAYS were introduced during 1950 as 1951 models in both 19′ and 23′ lengths. Chris-Craft recognized the trend away from runabouts and moving toward LUXURY utilities. The original 1954 24’ HOLIDAYS were not only the most luxurious hand-crafted utilities ever built, but they were also the most artistically designed utility and the most expensive utility Chris- Craft would ever build.

The HOLIDAYS introduced a number of “firsts” for Chris-Craft, including bull-nose bows; the unique reverse flair sides all the way to the transom; the steeply raked V windshields; and the magnificent all blond thick rounded covering boards that started at the blond bow cap and continued through the transom details, along with blond spray rails this utility presented a colorful two-tone effect. The original 23’ & 24’ HOLIDAYS were the only utilities or runabouts that Chris Craf installed Teak floor boards in as a standard feature aside from their luxury yachts. For 1953 the 24′ hull was slightly redesigned with a rear slant radius shaped transom as compared to the forward rake. The stern seat was another unique design feature exclusive to the HOLIDAY as it conformed to the radius shape of the transom. The HOLIDAY possessed one of the most unique hardware features in the stern pole socket as it followed the roll of the covering board, and the bow and stern poles were sculpted the same shape as an airplane wing. The HOLIDAY was built from 1951 – 1954, powered by “M” series engines.